About us

Oxford Natural Health Centre brings together experienced practitioners of Complementary Medicine to create a centre in Oxford which offers the highest standards of healthcare.

The six partners who run the centre have each been in practice for twenty years or more and are prominent in their respective professions. Amongst them are:

  • Coordinator of the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre
  • the Dean of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading
  • a Fellow of the College of Chiropractors and of the McTimoney Chiropractic College.

We believe that the way forward for Complementary Medicine in the UK lies in the creation of centres where practitioners are:

  • Graduates of the leading colleges of Complementary Medicine.
  • Members of the appropriate professional bodies.
  • Committed to continuously improving their practice.
  • Keen to work alongside practitioners of Conventional Medicine to help each patient return to a state
    of health.
  • Dedicated to the belief that although illnesses may be similar in their presentation, the people who have the illnesses are different and may require quite different treatments in order to return to a state of

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