Angela Shanly

Angela ShanlyMs Angela Shanly
Clinical Psychologist working with Adults and Children
 Systemic Individual, Couple and Family Therapist
Systemic Clinical Supervisor.  

I was born in New Zealand and came to the UK in 1984.  I trained on the Oxford Clinical Psychology Training Course from 1988-1991, and with the Oxford Family Institute, as a Family Therapist from 1996-1998.  I have been employed in the NHS for almost 30 years.  
I have worked in a range of specialist areas including Adult Addictions,  Adult Mental Health and   Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS).  I have considerable experience in Fostering and Adoption services as well as working with problems  such as anxiety, depression, school refusal and trauma.    In recent years I have worked in Children’s and Adult Psychological Medicine services at the John Radcliffe Hospital and currently provide Systemic Family Therapy within the Children’s Hospital, for children with physical health problems and their families.
Because of the breadth of my experience with both adults and children, and with couples and families, I am able to work with a range of presenting problems whether it is an adult or a child who is presenting in a distressed or distressing way.   A non-blaming approach is taken to identifying the impact of problems on all family members, and how to move in a direction which is more comfortable for everyone. This means, exploring the views and ideas of all family members, if possible, as to how the problems have evolved, and how to reach a more satisfactory place for the whole family.  I can also offer the benefit of expertise in the effects of particular developmental and mental health difficulties on families.
As a general rule, systemic approaches do not require weekly sessions.  Couple sessions might initially be weekly and then fortnightly.  Family Sessions are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.  However, it is helpful to schedule 90 minute sessions for Family Sessions, though not essential.
Children and Young people are most effectively helped through Parents only, Parents and Child, or Family sessions. Sometimes it is helpful to see a child or young person alone for 1 or 2 sessions.  Initial appointment are usually 1.5 hours.
I am Professionally Registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and the UKCP (United Kingdom Counselling and Psychotherapy), and work within their Ethical Guidelines and Requirements.  I am also a Registered BUPA   Mental Health Care Provider.

Life Transition Consultation.
I   offer Life Transition Consultation for adults who need help negotiating a difficult phase in their work or personal life, for example, bereavements, changes in role, or redundancy at work, changes in relationships such as separation and divorce,   children leaving home, or a change of house and living location. 
I work collaboratively with clients to build a picture of the childhood and family roots of their lifelong interests and current challenges.  Together, we explore the impact of past and present circumstances, in order to inform decisions and directions for the future.
This is a creative process which can powerfully illuminate what is driving us and what holds us back.  We often overlook the impact of our family of origin beliefs, values and experiences on our choices and decisions regarding major life changes. Feedback from people who have been through this process suggests that it is illuminating and energising, and helps inform decisions about the next phase of life.  It can help free us from constraining beliefs about the so-called ‘mistakes’ of the past, as well as to see how our previous choices were shaped through our best attempts to work with our childhood ‘legacies’.
I also offer the possibility of a Report with a process of two way feedback to help expand the ideas from the face to face meetings. 

Initial Assessment Sessions ( 1.5 hrs) : £150.00
Follow-up Sessions (1 hour):
Individual Sessions: £100.00   
Couples Sessions:   £100.00  
Family Sessions:      £100.00   

Life Transition Consultation (2 hour session) :  £200.00
Report and two way feedback via email:  £200.00
Life Transition Consultation (1 hr) Follow-up Sessions:  £100.00.
Please let me know if you are unable to pay the full charge and we can discuss a Concession rate.
Clinical Psychology:
Clinical Psychologists have a Degree in Psychology and a three year Clinical Training.  Psychologists are trained to combine an understanding of child and adult life-span development with an understanding of cognitive, behavioural and emotional factors in healthy development, and ways in which this can go awry.  They are trained in at least two treatment models, and are able to integrate models and therapeutic approaches to suit the client.  

Family Therapy:
Systemic Family therapists have a core mental health training, and then do a 4 year training culminating in a Masters degree in Family Therapy.  They are trained to consider

  • family structures and history,
  •  generational patterns,
  • A range of  approaches to helping change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and communication
  •  multiple perspectives of family members, 
  • Issues of gender, culture, religious beliefs, and many other areas of identify and difference
  • How to support families to explore the many aspects of their experience, and to move towards a more satisfactory way of relating.

Family Therapy sessions tend to be scheduled at 2-4 week intervals and to be 60 – 90 minutes long.
Individual sessions may be scheduled on a weekly basis, or less frequently, as needed.
I offer longer-term work and also brief interventions, including 90 minute one-off sessions.  This can be negotiated according to what is needed.

I work at Iffley Turn Practice on Thursday mornings and Saturdays.
If you wish to arrange a Telephone Conversation to discuss further, or to book an appointment, please contact me on


I look forward to hearing from you!

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