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What is Health Kinesiology?

  • Kinesiology refers to muscle movement.  It’s a unique system based on a correlation found between meridians, muscles, corresponding organs, and emotions.  It combines the basic principles of Ancient Chinese with Western research into Psychology and Mind function.
  • Health Kinesiology is a unique system of Kinesiology, developed by Jimmy Scott over the last 45 year.   What he established is that it is possible to provide a bio-feedback on various processes governing our feelings and thoughts and those in turn are contributing factors to our physical and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Health Kinesiology has been practiced in England since 1982. Training in Health Kinesiology is based on rigorous requirements set by Kinesiology Federation and it takes 2-3 years to complete the basic professional course of study. Health Kinesiology is an expanding modality embracing about 5 basic and additional 5 advanced modules. Health Kinesiology is a buddying community of professionally trained, dedicated practitioners (based mainly in the UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada) whose dream is to see HK as a part of NHS programme one day…


How does it work?

  • Health Kinesiology uses Muscle Testing as an assessment tool. MT is based on neurological response called bio-feedback.
  • What it means is that MT helps to transmit and communicate messages linked with the Innate Body Field also known by name of Body Wisdom, which is a part of the body that knows more than we do.
  • So by using MT and by asking your body questions in a certain way we can determine how to bring your energy to harmony and balance.
  • As a result of this harmonization, your body when experiencing a conflict in the future, has already been encoded with harmonious solutions…
  • Via MT we can address the root causes of a problem, based on an individually tested issue and this issue analysis. This can relate to issues from how to increase personal abundance, solve relationship problems, detoxify and release pain, as an example.
  • Pain body is believed to be interconnected with our Mental Body that is our belief system on either conscious or subconscious level and HK will do all the detective energy work to find out what your body is really asking for on all levels of your being.
  • Via MT we can trace an energy pattern that is necessary to release. Following a protocol we assemble the pattern using various elements from thought to body position or even including a sensory stimulus such as colour, sound, and smell or self-touch, if needed.
  • All we do is follow the energetic requirements regarding the protocols that need to be applied in the energy priority to ensure a successful rebalance.

Issues that can be addressed are:

  • Life issues / unsolved conflicts/ smoking addictions etc
  • Self-image issues/ addressing weight problems, self-boundaries issues
  •  weakened immunity
  • Relationship issues/ anxiety and fear
  • Creativity and abundance issues/ releasing perceived limitations and opening up to your ultimate potential
  • Chronic or perceived pain/ addressing all types of blockages in the energy flow
  • Nutrition and allergy issues/ identifying an allergen on energetic level and retuning the energy field/ testing for nutrition changes according to energetic requirements
  • Spiritual issues/ addressing karmic energy patterns ready to be released, healing wounded child issues, releasing the collective fear-based consciousness  and attuning to higher frequency vibrations
  • Rebalancing Energy

Health Kinesiology for Children

  • Children are very susceptible to energetic changes and can be worked on directly or via proxy
  • Energetic rebalancing can also be carried out while a child is playing.
  • Health Kinesiology will work on releasing fears from a child pre-verbal stage of development and will rebalance the energetics of the brain.
  • HK has also been developed to release sensory stresses re vison, hearing, touching etc.
  • It is a very gentle way to release some possible anxieties a child may be not aware of.
  • It can help to detoxify after a dose of vaccines or other tested energy patterns that have weakened your child’s  immunity.

Practitioners: Vicky Micklem

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