Stuart Paterson

Stuart PatersonStuart has been a psychotherapist for seventeen years. He is a graduate of Spectrum Training. For ten years he worked at Spectrum, a large humanistic and integrative psychotherapy practice in North London. He first registered with the UKCP in 1996. Stuart works with individuals, couples and groups, both short and long term. As well as providing individual coaching in the corporate sector, he has led fixed duration groups for men on sexuality, and an ongoing group for men and women. Until recently he ran an ongoing therapy group for men.

If you think that psychotherapy may help you, and wish to investigate further, you can contact Stuart on
0845 458 1757.

Normally, Stuart will respond to your inquiry within two working days. If you wish, an initial consultation can be arranged. This would be an opportunity for you to discuss your needs, ask any questions you may have about psychotherapy, and explore whether his way of working is suitable for you. All of this process is confidential.

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